The David E. Cromwell and Edward H. Stall Arboretum



A new entrance is planned for the The David E. Cromwell and Edward H. Stall Arboretum in order to provide a more inviting pathway into this beautiful garden.

The arboretum is a Roper Mountain location that is lovely year-round, but it is especially glorious when the azaleas and Carolina jessamine are blooming in the spring. First established in 1987, the arboretum displays landscape specimens and identifies them with markers that show both the botanical name and common name for each plant. The natural setting located adjacent to the entrance of the Living History Farm provides a pleasant backdrop for displaying understory trees, shrubs, vines, perennials and annuals.

The arboretum, now over a decade old, offers the special beauty that comes from mature specimens. It is a place where gardeners can visit and see just how big that little one-gallon shrub they see in the nursery will be in ten years or so!

Fall in the arboretum is just as lovely as spring, with dogwood trees in their vibrant reds and purples, burning bush at its loveliest shade of red, and other specimens in bright yellow and orange.

The public is welcome to stroll through the arboretum during daylight hours when the center’s main gate is open.


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