Roper Mountain Science Center will be hosting a Virtual Earth Day event, April 22, from 8:00am to 6:00pm on the Roper Mountain Facebook page.

Fun educational activities for all ages will be provided each hour, and some amazing prize packs will be made available to win – including two one-year Family Memberships to Roper Mountain.

Partnering with Roper Mountain on this exciting virtual event are Entercom’s B93.7 and Magic 98.9, Greenville Soil and Water Conservation, Lake Conestee Nature Preserve, ReCraft Creative Reuse Center, and Save Our Saluda

Schedule Of Events (subject to change):

8:00 – 10:00am: Welcome to Virtual Earth Day 2020 from the staff @ Roper Mountain Science Center and check out creative ways you can help the Earth. Eco-projects, Citizen Science, and more.

10:00am: Greenville Soil and Water Conservation- Are you a Conservationist? Plus composting activities and more.

11:00am: Facebook Live event with a Roper Mountain Naturalist – “What’s in your Yard?”

12:00pm: Lake Conestee Nature Preserve. Plus leaf art projects and more.

1:00pm: Greenville’s ReCraft Creative Reuse Center Challenge! Upcycling, recycling and more.

2:00pm: Facebook Live event with a Roper Mountain Naturalist – “Take a Walk in the Woods.”

3:00 – 5:00pm: Hear from our friends at Save Our Saluda, plus more Citizen Science, eco-art projects and easy bird feeder projects.

5:00 – 6:00pm: Narrated Night Sky Viewing with Roper Mountain’s Planetarium Specialist and family movie night via special access to “Wild Ocean” movie and educator guide from Big Screen Films.

8:00am Hour

Welcome to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Check out this video from Roper Mountain’s director to kick-off a fun- and adventure-filled day .

Check out some of the ways our staff at Roper Mountain help be sustainable and a good stewards of the Earth.

Check out how our Entercom partners B93.7 All the Hits! and Magic 98.9 are practicing sustainability with their #1Day1Thing initiative: 1thing


Here’s a fun art project you can do from home. Make an Earth using blue and green paint, paper, scissors and markers. Share your finished masterpiece in the comments on Facebook and share your pledge on how you will help.

9:00am Hour

Take the Earth Day 2020 Zero Waste Challenge! Explore 22 days of Earth Day challenges now:

Let’s get crafty! Learn how to make a reusable grocery bag out of an old t-shirt you have at home.

Let’s shimmer, let’s shine! With some blue and green paints, salt, glue, paper and scissors, we can create some dazzling eco-friendly glitter and make a sparkly Earth with salt painting.


Hop on over to our friend’s page @FROGZ to learn more about Local Citizen Science and FROG Watch USA. We’re proud to have our very own in-house ambassador, Life Science Specialist, Tim Taylor! This is one of Tim’s favorite Citizen Science projects. Consider joining him and other local naturalists with the Frog Watch USA Citizen Science Project.

Check out @magic989online’s Sheri Taylor #1Day1Thing – Walking

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10:00am Hour

Check out @b937allthehit’s Hawk and Tom on their #1Day1Thing tip about recycling.

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Thanks to our friends @gcsoilandwater for this video on storm water pollution.
Are You A Conservationist Challenge

Share in the comments on Facebook either a photo of your completed conservation checklist or the number of check marks you have for a chance to win our second prize pack of the day from Roper Mountain, featuring a reusable grocery tote bag, pens AND a copy of the children’s book Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth by Mary McKenna Siddals.

It’s really easy to start a compost pile at home. Our very own Amy St. John joins us in this video to give you a step-by-step guide to creating your own.


Composting at home is as easy as 1, 2, 3. For this activity you’ll need a 2-liter bottle, food scraps, dirt (not potting soil), a spray bottle, push pins, paper and scissors.

Game Time! We officially challenge you to play the micro-organism game. Comment on Facebook with one thing you learned from this learning activity.


11:00am Hour

Did you know that if you have a valid library card in Greenville County you can request FREE seeds via the Greenville Library Seed Library? There are tons of different flower and vegetable options to choose from – so check it out today!

Are you up for another challenge? Make rope from plastic bags! Use it as a jump rope or test its strength!

11:20am - Facebook LIVE with Natural Science Specialist Kyle Rollins for a Backyard Naturalist session to see what’s in your yard. Be sure to ask us whatever questions you have along the way!



12:00pm Hour

Check out @magic989online’s Sheri Taylor on #1Day1Thing tip on coffee making.

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 Check out Sarah Whitmire and Taylor Phillips, our friends from @conesteepreserve speaking with us today about the abundance of resources available to you at their sanctuary.

Let’s make a leaf litter critter shake bin together. Check out our latest video from Natural Science Teacher Richane Robbins.

Okay kiddos in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, this is for you! Our Earth Day Exploration Scavenger Hunt wants you to take a variety of pictures and upload the images with the matching question. And yes, there WILL a shot to have your best photo featured on our social channels!

It’s time for another art project! Let’s get outside and collect some leaves and get to work on this easy yet beautiful activity.
Share in the comments on Facebook a photo of your completed leaf rubbing artwork for a chance to win our third prize pack of the day thanks to @ReCraftGVL, featuring a selection of cool, crafty materials including tape, sidewalk chalk, keychain kit and DIY bobbleheads.


1:00pm Hour

 Check out @b937allthehit’s Hawk and Tom’s #1Day1Thing tip about LED Lighting.

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This is COOL! Did you you’re your kitchen scraps can potentially e re-grown in your own window sill or home garden?

We couldn’t forget about our 3rd through 5th graders! Check out this awesome Adventurer Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win your shot to have your best photo featured on our social channels. b8QoJC17BOJt9Lrx6L1ybA3n5jNJnrQjg6OLq512G3rkg/viewform

Thanks to our amazing partner @ReCraftGVL we have a great craft you can create and let the arts and craft continue in perpetuity at home

Get your game on! Have you got what it takes?
We officially challenge you to this recycling game. Let us know what your highest score was in the comments on Facebook. games/michaelmichaelgorecycle/


2:00pm Hour

 Let’s get into the DIY spirit and create some self-watering planters together.




We’re LIVE again with Natural Science Specialist Kyle Rollins for another Backyard Naturalist session and we’ll be taking a walk together in the woods.
Share in the comments on Facebook a photo of a tree or plant from your yard for a chance to win our fourth prize pack of the day from Roper Mountain, featuring a reusable grocery tote bag, pens AND a copy of the children’s book Seeds by Carme Lemniscates.

Similar to the recycled planters, let’s take a look at how we can create upcycled terrariums.

This DIY craft can significantly cut down on your water bill.
Check out this post on how to make your own rain barrel.

3:00pm Hour

Check out @magic989online’s Sheri Taylor’s #1Day1Thing on taking the stairs.

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This DIY activity is easy peasy.
Learn how to make your own eco-friendly sidewalk paint.
After you make some, share a photo below of your creations on Facebook!


Help Citizen Science classify and find a wild Mont-Blanc.

Now let’s help Citizen Science identify several organisms.

Okay, Citizen Science needs your help to spot a variety of seals in this activity.

For the final Citizen Science activity today, let’s help record the various marine species recorded in these underwater videos

4:00pm Hour

Check out this great resource on protecting and restoring our local watershed from our friends, Save Our Saluda.

This interactive map from Save Our Saluda can help you see the closest watershed to where you live:
Share in the comments on Facebook what the closest watershed is to you for a chance to win our fifth prize pack of the day thanks to @ReCraftGVL, featuring a selection of cool, crafty materials including tape, sidewalk chalk, keychain kit and DIY bobbleheads.

Volunteering is always a great thing to do. Check out how to become a freshwater rivers and streams monitor through the SC Adopt-a-Stream program.

We challenge you to plant a tree. Share videos or photos of where you planted a tree (practicing safe social distancing, of course), and use this thorough resource from @treesupstate as a guide to your planting.

While home, it can be really relaxing to watch some of nature’s best music makers – birds. Check out this great craft on how to create your own bird feeder. If you create one, will you share a photo of it in the comments below?


5:00pm Hour

Check out @b937allthehit’s Hawk and Tom’s #1Day1Thing on sustainable showering.

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Calling all space lovers! Check out all of these activities you can do and take the interactive quiz at the end of this NASA Earth Day Webquest.


South Carolina teachers are THE BEST! Here’s just a sampling of what some of our state’s incredible educators are doing to celebrate Earth Day.

Pop the popcorn, change into some comfies and get in front of your TV to stream this awesome feature! We are recommending you watch Wild Ocean, presented as a special FREE offering by Big Screen Films now through June 15.

6:00pm Hour

Join along as Roper Mountain’s Planetarium Specialist, Maggie Connelly helps you take a look at the current night’s sky. Her special Sky Talk is based on 9:30 p.m. tonight. So take your phone or tablet, head outside and explore along with us!

Thank you so much for following along with us today as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day together. We wish you the best of luck in all of the giveaways we’ve offered to you throughout today.

Speaking of giveaways, we have one more to do for you as we wrap up the celebration! Share in the comments on Facebook what your favorite post has been today for a chance to win our sixth and final prize from Roper Mountain, featuring a reusable grocery tote bag, insulated tumbler, pens AND a one-year family membership to Roper Mountain.

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