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Roper Mountain Hosts Events for Rare Solar Eclipse

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Roper Mountain in Greenville, SC is the place to catch this rare celestial event! Greenville County and parts of surrounding counties will be in the path of totality for this awe-inspiring eclipse of the Sun on August 21, 2017.  The rest of the Eastern United States will see only a partial eclipse.  This spectacular event will engulf Greenville at 2:38PM (EST) in a dark shadow for around two minutes, giving observers a once in a lifetime celestial experience!


Eclipse Extravaganza!: August 19 – 21, 2017
Quick facts about the total solar eclipse
What causes a solar eclipse?
Where can you view totality in the Upstate?
Activities before the eclipse: February – August 2017

Eclipse resources
Teacher Eclipse activities



Eclipse Extravaganza!: August 19 – 21, 2017

Eclipse Exclusive VIP Package 

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime event in our VIP lounge with extraordinary local food, a dedicated astronomer, special presentations, premier patio or balcony viewing location, a limited edition commemorative poster, VIP Parking, admission tickets to all three days of the Eclipse Extravaganza and more… limited to age 12 and up. Only 50 VIP spaces available!  VIP lounge is open Monday August 21 from 12noon-3:30pm only. $150 per person.



Quick Facts about the Total Solar Eclipse



What causes a Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipses can only happen during the “new” moon phase when the moon moves directly between the Earth and Sun.  The moon casts a shadow on the Earth that moves quickly across the land and oceans. The shadow is less than 100 miles wide and you must be in the shadow to see “Totality.”

During totality, the moon blocks the sun creating one of the greatest sights in nature as day turns to night.  The sky will become dark, stars and planets will be visible as the sun’s disk becomes black and surrounded by the flashing of the corona.  Millions of people in the path of totality will gasp at the sight of a lifetime. If you’re not in totality – you will miss it.  It’s your only chance in the Upstate in this century.

Read more on the science of eclipses at  

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  • Second Saturday

Where can you view totality in the Upstate?

Greenville County is fully in the path of the total eclipse of the sun.  Join us at Roper Mountain for special activities with astronomers! 

See if your community is in the path of totality in South Carolina:

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Activities before the eclipse: February – August, 2017

Friday “Starry Nights” Planetarium Show and Observatory Viewing
Starting in February, the center will have a weekly “Starry Nights” program leading up to the Eclipse in the newly renovated T. C. Hooper Planetarium. Tickets include viewing through the historic 23’ Alvan Clark telescope in the Daniel Observatory.  Special Eclipse programs will be included at each show time. 

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Eclipse Resources

NASA eclipse site   
Teacher Eclipse activities

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