Marine Lab

The Marine Lab is focal point for all things oceanic. It houses six large aquaria and a beautiful tide pool tank where visitors can safely explore, through touch, some small animals that make their homes on the ocean bottom. A colorful mural of a seashore ecosystem covers the wall behind the touch tank; this is used in lessons and provides visitors with an opportunity to discover the many organisms that inhabit this area, but are often out of sight. There is a replica of an extinct Megalodon shark jaw and several mounted specimens of large fish. A wonderful research vessel is actually a work station where students enjoy lesson activities.

GE Energy - a sponsor of the Marine LabLook for a display showing a nesting hawkisbill turtle and an ocean observation buoy with realistic instruments and a touch screen information center. The lab is filled with dried, touchable specimens of hundreds of marine organisms, including sponges, sea stars, crabs, fish marine fossils, corals, horseshoe crabs, and much, much more come sea for yourself!

A Special Note: We are pleased and appreciative to have GE Energy as a sponsor of our Marine Lab and its educational programs.


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