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2017 Summer Institute applications are now being accepted!


The Science P.L.U.S. Institute is funded by an Education Improvement Act grant—your state tax money at work in a very direct way! The grant was written specifically for Roper Mountain Science Center to educate the state’s public school science teachers in hands-on activities for the classroom and to give science materials needed to teach those activities. Since 1993, over 4,437 South Carolina teachers, representing ALL of the state’s school districts, have participated in Science P.L.U.S. classes! 


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New to the Science P.L.U.S. Institute is the mini-P.L.U.S. experience! Join us during the fall and spring for a grade-specific, one-subject, 3 hour, hands-on learning experience. Participants will join master teachers to learn about a specific indicator and gain valuable resources pertaining to their topic. Those who attend will also leave with FREE supplies for their classroom! 

Science P.L.U.S.



The Institute is presented in a one-week, grade-specific, one-subject format. The hands-on classes emphasize the South Carolina Science Academic Standards, science process skills, and inquiry-based instruction. The 2016 Institute features six different courses for teachers of grades 1-12.


Selection Process

Selection for the Institute is not based on merit; the selection committee’s goal is to make this opportunity available equitably to SC public school science teachers. The committee chooses teachers with a wide range of experience levels, knowing that participants learn from the expertise of their colleagues and are inspired by their enthusiasm. The committee always chooses at least one participant from each school district with applicants, regardless of district size; proportionately more applicants are selected from larger districts. Priority is given to first-time applicants, especially those from Palmetto Priority Schools and from Title I schools.

Any eligible first-time applicant not selected in the current year will be placed on a mailing list to receive the following year’s brochure/application. The selection process begins anew each year; teachers must reapply to be considered. Previous participants in Science P.L.U.S. may reapply, but priority in selection is given to teachers who have never before attended the Institute.


Benefits to Teacher Participants

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Science P.L.U.S. participants receive science materials for their classrooms. These items belong to the teachers as long as they continue to teach in the public schools of South Carolina. If they transfer to another public school within the state, the materials go with them. If they leave the public schools or leave the state, the items become the property of the last school where the teacher taught.

The Science P.L.U.S. Institute is not intended to be a leadership institute; however, this experience often motivates teachers to grow in new areas, including leadership. Past experience has shown that Science P.L.U.S. participants go back to their schools excited about teaching science. Many of them have become lead science teachers or have set up science labs at their schools. Some of them now teach only science, by choice! Almost all would say that they now have the confidence to try subject matter or teaching approaches that they previously avoided. South Carolina students are the beneficiaries of all these positive attitudes, and that is why this program exists!



2017 Summer Science P.L.U.S. Institute

June 19th-23rd

June 26th-30th

July 10th-14th

July 17th-21st

July 24th-28th


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