eLearning Live! Middle School

Join us for a virtual visit to Roper Mountain in this series of live, standards-based demonstrations specifically designed to support student learning in a virtual environment.

Each quarter, multiple indicator-specific lessons aligned to the GCS pacing guide will be offered that not only provides subject-specific content, but can also assist students in practicing their inquiry skills.
To maintain proximity to the pacing guide, lessons for each grade level will change every few weeks. New lessons will be added each quarter. Teachers may register for each lesson offered for their grade level. These lessons are offered through Zoom.

To register, please complete the following:

  • click on the appropriate lesson and follow the link to our registration page.
  • enter the quantity for the number of students in your class FOR EACH TIME SLOT that you wish to attend. Times for Middle School sessions are as follows:
  • This FREE “purchase” reserves seats for your students in the session and allows us to know how many participants to expect.
  • a minimum of 10 students is required to register for a session
  • once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the event
  • prior to the event, you will receive a second email containing the link for your session
  • if you are not viewing this lesson in class with your students, it is the teacher’s responsibility to share this link with your students
  • *please note: because this is a virtual session, there may be multiple classes attending at the same time with up to 250 participants per session
Deadline for registration is four days prior to the date of the session for which you are registering.
Because of our ticketing software, you may receive tickets by email. Please disregard them.

For questions about registration, contact Debbie Ogle at dogle@greenville.k12.sc.us.

6th Grade

Reptiles vs Amphibians
Students will enjoy viewing live amphibian and reptiles from our collection as we analyze their characteristics to see what they have in common and what make these animals groups unique.
January 27, 28
February 17, 18
Invertebrate Classification
March 11

7th Grade

Genetics: Inherited Traits
January 27, 28
February 17, 18
Genetics: Mutation & Genetic Engineering
March 11

8th Grade

Astronomy: Galaxies and the Universe
Join us for a virtual planetarium lesson to experience our universe! We will use the same software in our 50-foot Hooper Planetarium to explore galaxies, our universe, and different ways to measure distance in space.
January 27, 28
February 17, 18
Astronomy: Solar Viewing and Telescopes
Join us in the Roper Mountain Observatory as we learn about different types of telescopes, the importance of telescopes throughout history, and (weather permitting) use our 23” Refractor telescope to observe the sun!
8.E.4B.5, 8.E.4B.6
March 11