Volunteer Opportunities at RMSC

Roper Mountain Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in joining our volunteer team!

We rely on volunteers to help us fulfill our mission in many ways and are grateful for all of the hours served by our volunteer team.  

Roper Mountain’s Volunteer Program accepts students as young as 14 who have a strong interest in all sciences, environmental education, animals, and nature!

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities including Education in our Harrison Hall of Natural Science and Environmental Science and Sustainability building, the Planetarium, the Living History Farm, and Summer Camps. To see more information on volunteer positions available, requirements, and benefits, please see the Volunteer Handbook. *Note: Camp volunteers need to fill out a separate application, which you will see below.

Volunteer Handbook
We onboard new volunteers at various times during the year. You are encouraged to fill out the application, listing your areas of interest, and will be contacted when spots are available. We need the most help during the summertime, with Summer Adventure and Summer Camps.